Tips for a Safe Journey

Below are some tips to make your next RV trip safe and hassle-free.  Simply click on the links for further information and downloads on the listed topics.


Towing Information

This National Caravan & Recreational Vehicle Towing Guide has been produced in response to overwhelming public demand. In the Guide, you will find a wealth of technical information, handy hints and advice, which, when put into practice, will help you to tow your caravan or other recreational vehicle with a grater degree of confidence and safety.


Care & Maintenance

Although maintenance procedures for caravans, trailers etc. are mostly common sense and follow the same principals as other vehicles, the following points may assist in covering areas which may otherwise be overlooked.


Low Aromatic Fuel

Many fuel stations across Australia supply low aromatic unleaded fuel. It has been introduced to help decrease petrol sniffing which is putting our young people's lives at risk. Using low aromatic unleaded fuel works in reducing petrol sniffing.


Code of Ethics

Consider others at all times Observe the rules of caravan park, recreational areas, National park and forestry areas. Demonstrate a responsible attitude towards road safety.


Caravan Clubs

Enjoy your van all year round by using it once a month at a club rally instead of once a year for your holidays. You will also meet friends to travel with and enjoy our beautiful country with others who have a common interest.


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