Helpful Hints

Click here for a list of Helpful hints on packing your van for travelling, what to take, a check list, etc.

Queensland Road Distance Chart

Click here to download a copy of the Queensland Road Distance Chart

Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers Association Owners Handbook

This manual has been prepared by the RVM Australia enable recreational vehicle owners to receive the maximum enjoyment and utility from their vehicles.  The guidelines and recommended practice have been prepared by qualified engineers based on experience over many years.  If they are followed, many pitfalls will be avoided. Click here to download a copy


Gas/electric (absorption)refrigerators need at least 24 hours continuous running before they will attain their optimum operating temperatures. Click here to view a Safety Alert for all portable gas refrigerator users

VIN Plate Definition

Definitions of what is stamped on the trailer plate of your caravan or trailer (often called the VIN plate).  Click here for a copy of the definition


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